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The goal of this year's Thorncliffe summer training camps is to develop the skills of all the players involved and help them perform at their best in summer tournaments. Also, to help them make up some of the developmental time missed due to the pandemic.

The summer is a vital time for a competitive player's development. If this time is used efficiently any player can see a huge jump in their play. Thus, it's important for any high performance player to have an organized summer training schedule to enhance their development.

From our perspective, we hope to enhance this process by providing summer training sessions as well as coaching at some of our players' major tournaments.

Summer Training Sessions

Our summer training will focus on developing the player's tactical, technical, and psychological skills necessary to compete at their highest levels, as well as developing the most frequent physical skills required to excel. We will do this while respecting the player's competition schedule and targeting their training so that they can perform their best at selected events.


We will be capping registration at 15 players per session. Given the guidelines from the Province this is the maximum number of students we can facilitate. Your spot will only be reserved with a completed for and payment.

To Register: Please email a completed form to and

If you have any questions about the Thorncliffe camp (scheduling, organization, level, or appropriateness for your child) please contact Head Coach, Eddie Brisbois by email:

Note: This camp will be taking place at Thorncliffe Park Tennis Club

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