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The goal of this year's summer training camps is to develop the psychological characteristics, and physical, tactical, and technical fundamentals that will set our young players up for future success in tennis. We hope to do this while providing an enjoyable experience, fostering a love for competing in the sport of tennis, and by using age-appropriate teaching methods and equipment.


  • Fostering a love for the game of tennis

  • Always showing good sportsmanship and a

    positive self-image

  • Training with concentration and effort over a

    long period of time

  • Cooperating with training partners


  • Development of fundamental movements as related to tennis

    • Running, jumping, skipping, catching throwing, stopping/starting

  • Reaction time and speed

  • Developing the coordination needed for



  • Use of correct tactics in all game situations (serving, returning, defending, attacking)

  • Competing with consistency

  • Moving the opponent

  • Taking time away from the opponent

  • Using stronger shot (forehand) and hitting to

    opponent’s weaker shot (usually backhand)


  • Elimination of any “red flag” techniques that will hold kids back in the future

    • Correct grips on all shots

    • Correct use of legs, hips, and shoulders

  • Mastering of basic footwork to correctly. React, set up, and recover on all shots

We will use the following camp schedule to develop the fundamentals listed above:

8-10 am – On court - Psychological, Tactical, and Technical tennis fundamentals training

10 am – 12 pm – Off court – Physical and Psychological fundamentals training


Furthermore, we plan to accompany our players to their tournaments whenever possible, to link what we work on at camp to their competitions.



Your spot will only be reserved with a completed form and payment. We will make court groupings and decisions about on court programming once we have confirmation of which students will be attending each week.


To Register:
Send completed form should be sent to and


If you have any questions about the camp (scheduling, organization, level, or appropriateness for your child) please contact Head Coaches, Mark Cooper and Eddie Brisbois by email:,

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